Björk > Homogenic

initial release 1997 | 2015 Reissue

Bjork Homogenic - disc vinyl LP
Label One Little Indian
Format Vinyl LP
Country UK
Master Date 1997
Genre Electronic
UK – 2015 Reissue, 180g|New
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Al treilea album de studio al lui Bjork, aparut in septembrie 1997 in Marea Britanie la One Little Indian Records si in Statele Unite la Elektra Entertainment. Albumul marcheaza o schimbare de stil, cantecele sunt un tribut adus Islandei si combina intr-un mod rafinat sonoritatile electronice cu cele acustice ale instrumentelor cu coarde. Discul marcheaza si inceputul colaborarii intre Bjork si producatorul Mark Bell, cel care avea sa devina un personaj foarte important in cariera artistei.

Wikipedia: Homogenic topped Iceland's official albums chart, and peaked at number 28 on the US Billboard 200 and number 4 on the UK Albums Chart. It was highly acclaimed on its initial release and continues to be praised by critics. Five singles were released from Homogenic: "Jóga", "Bachelorette", "Hunter", "Alarm Call", and "All Is Full of Love".